Antrim Contracting

Antrim Contracting
580 White Lake Road
Arnprior, Ontario

Main Office
Tel 613-623-3350
Fax 613-623-3308

Clint Duff
General Manager

Dean Miller
Operations Manager

Antrim Contracting
Antrim Contracting
Antrim Contracting

About Us

Antrim Contracting was formed to provide an in house construction crew to build the Antrim Truck Stop for Jack and Gail Cameron in 2004. The successful completion of this project on time and on budget spurred them on to perform outside contracting work. To this day we remain part of the Antrim Group of companies.

As General Manager of Antrim Contracting, Clint Duff leads with over 20 years related experience.

Antrim Contracting is a medium sized full service construction company serving Ottawa and Ottawa Valley customers. Our skilled workforce numbers from 15 to 22 employees, depending on project size. We work with modern, well maintained equipment, reaching milestones in a timely manner, on budget, with the highest degree of workmanship.

Our employees take extra steps towards quality job performance because we care about their work and Antrim's reputation. We work safely to the complete satisfaction of our customers and have ISNetworld approval as a contractor.

If you need to have your project completed on time, on budget with quality workmanship meeting safety standards you'd best call Antrim Contracting.